Cadillac Eldorado Convertible for rent

For special events such as parties, weddings, galas, birthdays, bachelor parties, surprise parties,  product presentations and promotions, exhibitons, Santa Claus parties, video clips, celebrations,  photo shoots, commercials, special events, parades.
This Pink Cadillac is one of the most favorite Cadillacs in Holland and appeared on TV several times and was used in more than 15 video clips.
A recent clip was made for Sony to promote the John Mayer’s album Sob Rock

Also for livery and Sight Seeing, drive through Holland in style and visit cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag.

This one of a kind Eldorado was restored and modified after I bought it in California in 1993.
It has a white leather Biarritz interior and new white top and parade boots.

This Eldorado was used for various occasions such as:

– TV show De Leugen Regeert in 2007
– The funeral of actor Antonie Kamerling in 2010
– The promotion of  the Orange Lions for Shell in 2012
– The final scene of the movie “de Boskampis” in 2015
TV show Autovisie op RTL7 with Maarten van Rossem in 2016
– TV show All You Need Is Love in 2016
– Tour in The Hague to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the popular band Q65
– Bollebof’s Video clip Baller featuring Joyba and Mavy in 2016 Paper Clips Media
– In videoclip Uptown Funk ( Bruno Mars ) in TV show  “Sorry voor Alles”  on November 11th 2017 (during 49th and en 50th minute)
– With  Frans en Mariska Bauer in Amsterdam’s  Vondelpark in the interview of Marieke Elsinga for RTL Boulevard.
– In the Grease Lightning Dance Act , choreography by  Manuel Monnich for a company party in Fort St. Gertrudis
– In   F1rstman Jalla ft Hef, Poke, Pyramids . In this video I’m the one with the Sax!
– In  Every Day All Day van Nelson Freitas en Juan Magan   (produced by Paper Clips Media)
Lekker he? van Poke
– Volmaakt van Jayh Jawson
Boing Boing met Lauwtje, Famke Louise en Poke
– Never be the same  van Black Neon

The Cadillac was use for a photo shoot for jewelry for the webshop of Somewhere-Someday .



For more info and possibilties and prices please feel free to contact me:
– 06-24804408


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