Ahornstraat for rent

Fully renovated and spacious 80 square meter 3-4 room appartment in the Ahornstraat in The Hague on the first floor (US second floor) is offered for a rental period of one year. Other rental periods are on request.

The living room and hall are joint together resulting in a living space of almost 40 square meter.

There are 2 bedrooms. The bathroom has a walk in shower.

Some furniture is present as shown in the pictures.

Arrangement with 3 rooms (2 bedrooms)

Arrangement with 4 rooms (3 bedrooms) by adding a row of cabinets and a separating wall with door


Bed(s), curtains, laundry washer/dryer and bathtub can be installed on request.
An extra room can simply be created by placing a row of cabinets and a separating wall with a door. The size of this room can be increased or decreased by moving the cabinets to the left or right , as shown in the drawing the room is 6 square meters.

The appartment is very well isolated so gas consumption can be low with moderate inside temperature. The previous tenants (2 person household) only used 530 m3 in 8 months so about 800 m3 per year.

There is a great view on the nice gardens of the neighbours. The living room has 2 gigantic windows that can open fully resulting in an inside balcony.

The appartment is 3 minutes to the shopping streets Thomsonlaan + Fahrenheitstraat and 1 km to the Frederik Hendrik laan. Public transportation line 3, 11, are on a couple of minutes distance.  The distance to the beach is 2 kilometer. To the European Primary School is 270 meter.


The rent for the appartment is € 1.800,00 per month, excluding gas/electricity/water/internet/city taxes.

For more information call 06-24804408,  info@ibuko.com.

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